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Cholera and AWD outbreak bulletin in Eastern and Southern Africa, as of 22 August 2017, 2 Issue

Regional Update - 22 August 2017


More than 100,105 cholera / AWD cases and 1491 deaths (CFR: 1.5%) have been reported in 11 of 21 countries of Eastern and Southern Africa Region (ESAR) since the beginning of 2017. These countries include; Somalia, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola, Uganda and Zambia. Somaliaaccounts for 76.8% of the total cases reported in the outbreak in 2017, followed by South Sudan at 15.7%. In the past 2/3 weeks (Week 30-32), 4 out of the 21 countries in ESAR have reported active transmission of cholera (Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania). Tanzania has the highest CFR (1.9%) followed by South Sudan (1.7%) and Somalia (1.4%) and Kenya (1.4%). CFR for Somalia was above 2% at the beginning of 2017 but has since dropped.

Somalia: There has been a decrease in the epidemic trend. During week 32 (week ending 13 August 2017), 282 new cases and no deaths have been reported in the country; compared to 321 cases and 2 deaths (CFR 0.6%) reported in week 31. Most of these cases emerged from Togdheer, Banadir, Lower Jubba and middle Shabelle regions.

Kenya: In the past 3/4 weeks, an active Cholera outbreak reported in 9 of the 47 Counties (Garissa, Nairobi, Kajiado, Nakuru, Kisumu, Machakos, Siaya, Homabay and Turkana). During week 32 (week ending 13th August 2017), 69 new cases were reported compared to 63 cases and 2 deaths (CFR 3.2%) in week 31.

South Sudan: Most affected populations are nomadic pastoralists and communities living in hard to reach villages and cattle camps. There has been a decrease in the epidemic trend. During week 30 (Week ending 30th July 2017), 109 new cases including 3 deaths (CFR 2.8%) were reported; compared to 198 cases and 3 death (CFR 1.5%) in week 28. Active transmission reported in Kapoeta East counties.

Tanzania: An increase in epidemic trend. During week 32, 252 new cases including 8 deaths (CFR 3.2%) have been reported in Tanzanian mainland; compared to 198 cases and 4 deaths reported in week 31. Cases emerged from Mbeya, Tanga and Iringa regions.

Uganda: No confirmed case of cholera in 2017, only AWD cases reported