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Nigeria - Cholera Daily sitrep as of 28 August 2017 - Borno State Ministry of Health


  • 69 cases were seen either at Muna IDP camp and/or CTC Dala clinically diagnosed with cholera and onset of symptoms from 14 August to 27 August 2017
  • Number of deaths (7%CFR): 5
  • 3 cholera cases were culture confirmed by the Central Public Health Laboratory in Lagos
  • As of 27 August 5 deaths have been reported: 3 in Muna IDP camp and 2 in the CTC, Dala

Epidemiological summary:

  • 45 cholera cases were admitted at Dala CTC between 16 and 27 August 2017A total of 54 patients were seen at the Oral Rehydratation Post and the Dala CTC between 16 and 26 August.
  • Among the 54 suspected cholera cases , all live in Muna IDP camp, except one who lives in Bolori II (Bulabulin Ngarannam)
  • 5 deaths were reported so far (1 in Dala CTC and 4 in Muna IDP camp)
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