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Cholera in Guinea Bissau is potentially epidemic with attack rates above 1% at national level. Data on cholera cases in Guinea Bissau were notified for the first time in 1986 when the country reported its first outbreak affecting the north of the country with 200 cases and 50 deaths. A second epidemic in late 1987 hit the capital and a total of 6,000 cases within 8 weeks were reported. A number of large outbreaks affected the country in the nineties with 15'296 cases in 1994, 8'307 cases in 1996 and 20'555 in 1997 (see graph below). In 2002 and 2004 Guinea Bissau had smaller outbreaks limited to Bissau capital and Bijagos Archipelago starting and ending during the last quarter of the respective year (outbreaks in the nineties began during the third or fourth quarter of the year and were related to the consumption of contaminated water.

  • Cholera Outbreak in 2005:In 2005 the largest outbreak affected the entire country, starting end of May (second quarter of the year and start of the rainy season) and leaving 25'111 cases and 399 deaths behind. The capital Bissau accounted for more than 14'000 cases, representing 57% of all cases with an attack rate of 3.7%. Similarly, during the 1994 outbreak more than 12'000 cases were reported from the capital, corresponding to an attack rate of 5.4 %.
  • Cholera Outbreak in 2008:Since the beginning of May 2008, the country has been facing an important outbreak with 13781 cases and 221 deaths reported as of 9 November from all 11 regions. The overall case fatality case stands at 1.6%, and decreases below 1% for hospitalized cases. However, the case-fatality rate reaches 9% in remote areas. Bissau accounts for 66% of all cases and 33% of the fatalities. The highest attack rates are seen in Biombo, Bissau, Bijagos and Oio.In 2009, five cases were reported with no death and in 2010 and 2011, the country did not report any case.
  • Cholera Outbreak in 2012::In 2012, 3’280 cases including 22 deaths were reported in the autonomous sector of Bissau (SAB) and 6 regions: Bijagos, Biombo, Cacheu, Oio, Quinara, Tomabli with 85% of cases occurring in SAB. The highest attack rate was in Bijagos (7.68) and the higest CFR was in Oio (10.7%).This outbreak was different from the ones of 2005 and 2008 for the reason that it started in the capital city of Bissau and not in a rural area or an island.

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