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Cholera Background history:

The first outbreak in Mali was in 1970 when the current pandemic hit the African continent. Outbreaks in Mali generally start during the rainy season (June to late October).The years 1984/1985/1986 were marked by important epidemics with very high case fatality rates ranking from 8% to 22%.

In 1995, 1996 and 2000, major outbreaks occurred involving respectively 2191, 5723 and 1885 cases with 231, 761 and 51 deaths. (Case fatality rates, CFR of 10.5%, 13.3% and 2.7%). In 2003, the outbreak started in August and was to continue unfolded until August 2004, accounting for 4'298 cases and 324 deaths. (CFR: 7.53%)

The first cases were recorded in the Segou region and the outbreak quickly spread to the neighboring regions following the course of the Niger river: Bamako, Koulikoro, Mopti, Segou, Timbuktu, Gao, Sikasso. Ultimately the epidemic also spread further into neighboring country Niger in May 2004 in the Tillabéri Region. In 2005, the first cholera cases reported on 20 June occurred in the cercle of Kayes (Kayes region). The overall number of cases until January 2006, was 903, with 66 deaths and a CFR of 7.3%. The affected provinces were Kayes and Koulikoro with no clear link between the two. The cases reported in the cercle of Nara (Koulikoro region) in October most certainly came from neighbouring Mauritania (Timbedra) with a transmission along the main road from Mauritania to Bamako.

In 2006, Mali reported 7 cases of cholera with no death and in 2007, Mali reported zero cholera case. In 2008, (14 Sept. until 28 Dec.), Mali reported 153 cholera cases including 5 deaths (CFR 3.27%) in the Kayes district (part of Kayes region). At least 22 villages were affected. On 5 July 2011, the MoH reported 3 laboratory confirmed cases from Niafunké and Youwarou districts, located at the border of the Niger River. The outbreak lasted until October and a total of 2’220 cases including 95 deaths (CFR 4.28%) were reported from the provinces of Mopti, Segou and Timbuktu. In 2012, on 2 July, an outbreak has been reported in Wabaria (Gao district/Gao region) and as of 4 July 2012, 34 cases, including 2 deaths (CFR 5.88%) were recorded. Vibrio cholerae Ogawa has been laboratory confirmed at the INRSP. Other suspect cases are being investigated in nearby localities of the same commune.

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