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About the Regional Cholera Platform in West and Central Africa


  1. The Regional Cholera Platform in West and Central Africa
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The Regional Cholera Platform in West and Central Africa (WCA) was launched in 2012 to facilitate and systematize information sharing between neighboring countries, and gain a better understanding of where and why cholera epidemics take place.
Today, the Regional Cholera Platform in WCA brings together the main actors from many organizations involved in the fight against cholera in West and Central Africa (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene specialists, epidemiologists, health professionals, social scientists, and many more from NGO, UN, research institutions, cooperation agencies, etc.).

The Platform takes part in the global effort toward cholera elimination through the operationalization of a regional multisectoral and evidence-based strategy that aims to prevent, stop, or mitigate the spread of cholera, and through the coordination of the multiple actors involved.

In the past years, the Platform has successfully contributed to the fight against cholera in the region through activities such as the identification of cholera hotspots, the diffusion of cross-border alerts, technical trainings of hundreds of actors engaged locally in cholera response, or support for the development of national guidance on cholera prevention and control.

Thumbnail   Highlights: Lake Chad basin: Cholera platform is alerting on the situation (please refer to page 2 and 3) Nigeria: seven states affected with main concerns in Zamfara, Katsina and Kano. The situation has improved significantly in Adamawa and Bauchi (few sporadic cases) Niger:unprecedented outbreak in...
Thumbnail New publication: WASH as a Cornerstone for Conquering the 2017 Cholera Outbreak in Borno State, Northeast Nigeria The cholera outbreak in Nigeria began in Borno state in August 2017 and was contained in December 2017 with a combined total of 5,365 cases and a final death toll of 61 people. The...
Thumbnail Publication du rapport de synthèse sur la réponse à l'épidémie de choléra au Sila et au Salamat (Tchad, 2017). Résumé: Au Tchad, la dernière épidémie de choléra en date a resurgi le 14 août 2017 dans la région du Sila avant de se propager au Salamat voisin (respectivement 436 cas et 52 décès, et 817 cas...
Thumbnail   Highlights: Nigeria: 469 cases at W27. Zamfara (129), Bauchi (115), and Kano (122) States are the most affected. Niger: outbreak in the Maradi region, 13 cases reported at W27. (see p.2) Cameroon: 2 outbreaks in the North Region and the Central Region (see p.2) D. R. Congo: 432 cases reported...

Objectives of cholera elimination by 2030 in West and central Africa region